Watch: Bus driver in Bengaluru finishes lunch while waiting in traffic, netizens empathise with situation

A lot of people who live in Bengaluru complain about mounting traffic. Many netizens vent out their anger on social media and share how even a distance of a few kilometres can sometimes take hours. Now, a video of a bus driver having his lunch while waiting in the 64106/" class="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Bengaluru traffic is going viral.

The worsening traffic scenario of the city is understood as the video shows the driver managing to finish his lunch while waiting for the vehicles to move at the Silk Board Junction. A man named Sai Chand Bayyavarapu shared the video on Instagram on May 2 and it has received more than a million views. It shows the driver quickly finishing his lunch from the tiffin while waiting in traffic. “Peak Traffic Moment in Bengaluru,” he captioned the clip.

Watch the video below:

Many people empathised with the driver for not even getting time to have his lunch peacefully while some made jokes about the Bengaluru traffic.

“It’s sad…The driver doesn’t even have time to sit and eat peacefully due to the traffic,” commented a user. “Bro understands time management better than anyone else,” said another. “On a serious note.. If he’s diabetic he need to eat on time doesn’t matter where he is, what he’s doing,” another person said. “Struggle of drivers are really really hard , i see my dad sacrificing so many things but I am proud to be a daughter of BMTC driver , i request everyone to respect them,” another user shared. “He must have finished dinner too,” joked yet another.