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Rural cricket often has a habit of churning out some of the most hysterical and rib-tickling scenes. One such funny incident was shared by the England cricket team’s fan group Barmy Army on Sunday. The video sounds like a comedy of errors somewhat similar to Nathan Lyon’s failed run-out opportunity at Headingley in the 2019 Ashes series. The bowler ran to make a fine delivery, which the batsman missed after being charged down the pitch. The keeper then caught the ball and tried to run it out but instead threw his glove in the air.

A wrong throw from the keeper saw the ball go down the pitch. This prompted the non-striker to steal the single which was clearly a bad idea. With the non-striker stuck at the halfway point, the bowler only had to collect the ball and remove the bails. But obviously, it was going to be a big task for the bowler. He first slipped and fell on his face and then threw the ball without hitting the stumps, squandering an easy run-out opportunity. A strange incident scattered everyone on the ground.

The Barmy Army, which often shares such videos on its social media handles, posted it on Twitter. “Another contender for one of the hottest village videos ever,” read the caption.

The video has left fans stunned with over 1 million views.

Here are some of the most amusing reactions from fans:

One fan said, “The bowler can literally stand up and take a step and straight off the bails and the nonstriker is out half-track, but no he has to try and Jonty Rhodes.”

Another cited the chance of Ben Stokes being run out by Australia to ask if the bowler was Nathan Lyon.

One user wrote, ‘I don’t even know where to start this video.

“What was the runner doing? Literally walked slowly between his legs near the stump. Bizarre!” wrote another user.

This is one of many hilarious moments that have been caught on tape. Earlier, a side-splitting video of a batsman coming out to bat without a pad went viral, adding to the growing folklore of rural cricket.

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