Vandals damaged the Rotary Lights pedestal in Riverside Park

For 26 years, the Rotary Lights Project has always been proud that Riverside Park has never been vandalized or stolen. That all changed last weekend.

Around 70 electric pedestals were shifted to the park last Friday to begin the process of lighting the park. On both Saturday and Sunday evening, miscreants cut wires on many of them on pedestals.

Rotary Lights president Pat Stephens said it was believed that they wanted to take the cords with the hope that the copper material would be worth some sort of monetary reward.

Stephens said, “The replacement cord is $2 a foot, so our loss could be closer to $10,000. We’ve alerted all wire dealers in a wide area of ​​La Crosse to look for someone who can take a profit.” Trying to redeem the cords for it.”

“We are working closely with the La Crosse Police Department, have filed a formal report, and are in the process of investigating any and all security cameras serving the park area. Our security group that usually visits the park in November Monitors, has been called in early in the hope of eliminating any further damages. If we do identify the perpetrators, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

The special mission of Rotary Lights is to “feed the hungry”. We ask for the community’s help to monitor the park and note any suspicious activity. As a community, we can restore the pride that we won’t have the vandalism or theft that really takes away from the Rotary Lights mission,” Stephens said.