Vancouver Police Release Revised Handcuff Policy – BC ,

Vancouver Police have issued a new policy to change the process handcuffed People.

According to the police, the new policy will require police officers to follow a “strategic reform” when it comes to handcuffing.

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Vancouver Police officers must now consider whether handcuffs are appropriate, given the circumstances of the ongoing incident and taking into account the suspect’s age, disability, medical condition, injuries, size and their ethnicity.

Officers who use force will be legally responsible for their actions and cannot view handcuffing as a routine action.

The officer must also explain why the handcuffs were applied.

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Vancouver police said in an email, “Before applying handcuffs, a police officer must have a legal right that is objectively reasonable, proportionate to the potential risk of harm to the officer, and serves a legitimate police purpose.” be necessary to do.”

“A centerpiece of the policy is that Vancouver Police officers must be able to articulate a specific circumstance necessitating the use of handcuffs to detain a person.”

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The police board launched a review three years ago when officers detained and handcuffed Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter after trying to open a bank account in the city.

A more recent complaint came from retired Supreme Court Justice Selwyn Romilly after authorities handcuffed the retired judge in his 80s in May 2021, mistaking him for a suspect.

Both the complaints have now been settled in the court.

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