US extraditions second suspect in Haiti’s assassination

A spokesman for the Southern District of Florida told CNN that Rodolphe Jar is in federal custody and will be presented with the charges during his preliminary court appearance in Miami on Thursday.

Jar, who hails from Haiti, is one of several suspects who have been on the run in the months since Moise’s murder.

years extradition For America it’s like Colombian suspect Mario Palacios, who was extradited earlier this month.

Palacios managed to escape to Haiti after killing Moise, eventually ending up in Jamaica, where he was captured by the authorities for entering the country illegally. How he survived Haiti is unknown.

Palacios has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder or kidnapping outside the United States “and providing material aid which resulted in death, knowing or intending that such material support was used to prepare a conspiracy to murder or kidnapping.” To do or will be done,” according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ.)

According to the DOJ, if convicted of the charges, Palacios faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Authorities said dozens of people were involved in Moise’s death, including 26 Colombians and two Haitian-Americans.

What really happened inside the president’s home and who masterminded the attack has remained at the center of several investigations involving senior agents in the US and Colombia, in addition to local officials.