UN calls on all involved in unrest in Kazakhstan to choose peace over violence

MANILA: The Philippine government said on Friday that it had achieved enough doses to vaccinate the country’s entire population against COVID-19, and urged the Philippines to be vaccinated as the daily rate of infection, which is excessive. Permeable is affected by the Omicron version. Three month high.

The health department on Friday reported nearly 22,000 new COVID-19 cases – the highest single-day tally since late September – taking the country’s total infections to more than 2.9 million.

About 51.6 million Filipinos have so far been fully vaccinated – nearly half of the country’s 110 million population – against the target of immunizing 70 percent of the population.

Acting presidential spokesman Carlo Nograles said on Friday that the country had secured more than 210 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and called on more people to take their jabs.

“We have secured enough vaccine doses for all our countrymen. Vaccines are here … for our safety,” Nograles said in a press briefing.

“That’s why we’re constantly appealing to people who are still not there to get your shots, partly to get vaccinated for (received) your second dose, and for those who have to get a booster shot. There are already two doses,” he adds. That vaccination is the “outside” of the pandemic.

The government tightened restrictions in Manila and several other cities and provinces earlier this week. Unvaccinated people in the National Capital Region were ordered to stay home after infection numbers tripled in the past two days.

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the arrest of illiterate people violating stay-at-home orders aimed at halting a rapid rise in COVID-19 infections.

In a televised address to the nation on Thursday, Duterte said he was “shocked” by the number of unvaccinated Filipinos who “put everyone at risk.”

“I am now ordering the barangay captains (village chiefs) to search for those who have not been vaccinated and … to order them … to stay. If they refuse If they go out of the house, and go anywhere in or around the community, they can be stopped,” the President said.

He said that, in a worst-case scenario, the army and police may be deployed to maintain order.

Nograles said the measures apply nationwide.