Ultimate Kho Kho: Madan & Ramji Kashyap’s stellar show puts Chennai Quick Guns on winning track – Bharat Times Hindi News

Brilliant performances from Madan and Ramji Kashyap helped Chennai Quick Guns get back on the winning track with a thumping win against Rajasthan Warriors in Ultimate Kho-Kho here on Saturday.

Coming into the match after back-to-back defeats, the Chennai Quick Guns looked aggressive throughout. Madan put on an impressive performance in the defense with a crucial stay of 3.55 minutes, while the in-form Kashyap produced an all-round show by scoring 18 points and defending. 5.02 minutes, including 2.09 minutes of the second innings.

Mahesh Shinde also contributed to Chennai Quick Guns’ victory with a timing of 3.03 minutes. Akshay Ganpule, on the other hand, scored seven points for Rajasthan as the top performer. Adding 20 points in the third turn, Chennai Quick Guns took the game away from Rajasthan Warriors with a strong 34-point lead at 53-19. The rest of the game was a mere formality as they won the game by a margin of 57-36.

Earlier, P Narasaya gave Chennai Quick Guns his first breakthrough when he dismissed Abhijit Patil in the first minute of the game, before ending the opening turn with a 23-point lead. Chennai Quick Guns kept the situation under control quite comfortably and refused. Shinde, Kashyap and Madan displayed solid defence, giving the opposition a lot of points.

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