Ukraine’s foreign minister says Russian troops ‘inadequate’ for full offensive

Kuleba told reporters in Kiev that Russian troops could attack Ukraine at any time, as has been the case since 2014, but currently would not be able to launch a full-fledged offensive.

“The large number of Russian troops in Ukraine’s border and occupied territories is a threat – a direct threat to Ukraine,” Kuleba said.

“However, as we speak, this number is insufficient for a full-scale offensive along the entire Ukrainian border. They also do not have some important military indicators and systems to conduct such a large-scale offensive,” he said. “We can say that an attack 100 times a day is imminent, but that doesn’t change the ground situation.”

Kuleba told reporters that military aggression alone was not the only threat to Ukraine.

“We see a scenario of Ukraine’s instability and this scenario is imminent, it is already happening – by spreading panic, putting pressure on Ukraine’s financial system, by carrying out cyber attacks against Ukraine,” he said.

“I’m sure President Putin will be happy to see this plan succeed, so he won’t even have to resort to military force to keep Ukraine in a very vulnerable position.”

He added: “Priority number one today is to keep things under control, to be realistic in the immediate threat assessment while not downplaying the threat of a potential military invasion.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Ukraine’s ambassador to Japan, Sergei Korsunsky, said he did not expect an all-out war with Russia.

During a speech in Tokyo about Ukraine-Japan relations, Korsunsky said, “I am optimistic. I believe that it is very difficult to expect full-scale war, but unfortunately we are seeing more local conflicts.” can.”

“But if it comes to military terms, let me tell you, we are very well prepared. Our army is very well prepared. And you have a population that is very well motivated,” Korsunski said.

“It is absolutely nonsense to think, as some Russian analysts say, that once we see the Russian army coming closer, there will be a rebellion, a change of government. No way,” he said.

A source close to the Ukrainian leadership told CNN on Tuesday that the latest military intelligence shows the Russian military is still unprepared for an imminent invasion of the country.

CNN’s Redina Gigowa, Mayumi Maruyama, Matthew Chance and Clarissa Ward contributed to this report.