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Udanpirappe movie review: Jyothika-starrer disappointing – Bharat Times Hindi News

flying pirappe

Director: Era. Saravanan

Mould: Jyothika, M. Sasikumar, P. Samuthirakani, Suriqi

Jyothika’s 50th film, Udanpirappe (Siblings), now on Prime Video, unfortunately, is nothing special and doesn’t offer anything new. It travels a path after countless actions. Yes, Tamil cinema, apart from Marathi, is probably the only cinema that sets its stories in rural areas. But the writer-director era. Saravanan seems to have evolved from any new idea, with caste and class angles thrown in to weave similar events that border on violence and vengeance. We have seen them over and over again. The special thing is that Sasikumar, Suri and even Jyothika have been typecast playing the same characters time and again.

Jyothika’s Matangi’s elder brother Vairavana (Sashikumar) cares neither for the judicial process nor the methods of the police. He settles and resolves the disputes of his village in his violent way. Actually, the film begins with a fight, but not before two young boys fall into the well. One of them drowns and the other is saved by Matangi, and he is her brother’s son. Matangi’s husband (played by Samuthirakani with great ease and subtlety), a school headmaster, is angry that his own son could not be saved. A chasm develops between the two families, with Matangi and her brother Vairavana yearning for each other. But the headmaster is adamant that he will have nothing to do with Vairavana and his illegal ways.

The plot is quite complex, and it takes 137 minutes to reach a much-anticipated climax. If Sasikumar is starting to look weary of playing the same kind of roles, Jyothika Matangi is too harsh to do justice to it – and it’s almost going to look like fanfare. Suri gets clever lines, but she’s always there, and they’re pretty boring now. And, the film is a sad story overall, and we would need multiple tissues to complete a work that uses music to create the soulful moods of different siblings.

I see very little in flyingpirape which often goes off the beaten track. avoidable.

(Gautman Bhaskaran is a writer, commentator and film critic)

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