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Beirut: The Forum de Beyoth hosted a spectacular display of Lebanese talent on Sunday night as model, journalism student and show host Yasmina Zaytoun was crowned Miss Lebanon 2022, nearly four years after the previous edition of the pageant.

Educational online forum host @WITHYASMINASHOW defeated fellow contestants Maya Abu Al-Hasan, who finished as first runner-up, Jacintha Rashid, who was named second runner-up, and Lara Haroui and Dalal Hoballah, who were voted in fourth and it was done. fifth place respectively.

(Arab News/Alex Spoerandly)

Zaytoun hails from the village of Kfarchouba in southern Lebanon and is currently studying at Notre Dame University – Louaize. She hosts an Instagram show called “With Yasmina Show”, where she interviews media and sports personalities, including politician Paula Yakoubian and actress Angie Kiewan.

Delayed by the years of crisis in Lebanon, the much-anticipated show featured 17 candidates from different cities and regions, including music composer Michelle Fadel, influential Karen Weizen, IP Studios General Manager Mohamed Yehya, Miss World 2022 Karolina Bilawska, among others. Judging panel formed. , Al-Nahar’s General Manager and Al-Nahar Al-Arabi Nayla Tuaini, Caracalla Dance Theatre’s director Ivan Karakala, TV host Hilda Khalif and Miss Lebanon 1993 Samaya Chedrawi, who were on hand to represent the Ministry of Tourism.

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“Tonight, we are celebrating Lebanon, not just Miss Lebanon,” Tueni said, explaining the significance of the event.

“Celebrating the Lebanese that we remember, the beautiful country, life in Lebanon. This is the most beautiful image of real people, real Lebanese who are suffering and trying to survive. This is a very important message, and I hope Lebanon will rise again with a positive message. We will stay strong because we love Lebanon,” she said, noting that the new beauty queen “has to be the voice of the Lebanese people.”

Hosted by Lebanese actress and TV host Amy Sayyah, the event also included a performance by Lebanese singing icon Nancy Ajram, who began with a rendition of “Ila Beirut Al Ontha” in a tribute to the city, before “Salmat”. Surprised his fans with Salamat. ” and a performance of their new song “Sah Sah”, which was produced by US DJ Marshmallow.

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Ajram invited his audience to support Lebanon in “the good and the bad”, saying: “I never thought about how to love Lebanon. There are no rules on how you can love your country.” I love Lebanon till the end.”

Sayah was crafted by renowned Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika, fresh from her runway presentation at Paris Haute Couture Week in July, while contestants showed off a range of glamorous looks, including evening gowns and bathing suits, and their ability to keep a cool head. also performed. pressure by addressing many social issues on the platform.

Those issues included divorce, fractured families, female abuse and violence – both verbal and physical – access to health care and education, and women’s empowerment, among others.

The lucky few hit the stage after being groomed and primed by the best in the business, including celebrity makeup artist Bassam Fatouh and hairstylist Wasim Morkos.

The previous Miss Lebanon Maya Redi, who was crowned in September 2018, passed the title and tiara to her successor, ending her nearly four-year reign after a series of crises that led to the postponement of the event Gone.

Previous Miss Lebanon Maya Ready. (Arab News/Alex Spoerandly)

For the event, billboards in Beirut and outside streets with the slogan “We missed celebrating the beauty of Lebanon” played out in the wider #WeMissLebanon campaign, which was organized by the event organisers, The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI). and the Ministry of Tourism.

Organizers also released a glamorous ad, featuring several contestants posing in daring attire, including stunning aerial views of the Lebanese tourist attraction throughout the 48-second video.

The ceremony reflects the same celebration of country through music, chosen by Fadel, setup and decoration with house flowers.

Miss World Organization President and CEO Julia Morley, Poland’s Miss World 2021 Carolina Bilawska, first runner-up Miss USA Mr. Saini, and Miss World 2019 Tony-Ann Singh from Jamaica and Miss World Events Director Stephen Douglas Morley were also present. Presence.

“I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve found that people are the heart of every country. I can honestly say that the people of Lebanon are so beautiful and so warm, and even though I’m miles away from my home country, Jamaica, I feel at home. Feel it,” Singh said.

The winner was selected from a pool of candidates selected for their beauty and intelligence in auditions held between December 2021 and February 2022, in which Lebanese young women aged 18 to 27 were invited to participate.