Twitter re-verifies Puneet Rajkumar’s deal as a followers marketing campaign – India Times Hindi News

There is a wave of happiness among the followers of Puneet Rajkumar after the account of Puneet Rajkumar was verified by Twitter on the micro-blogging website.

Fans noticed this change after the sudden demise of actor and philanthropist Puneet Rajkumar. Twitter removed the blue tick mark as Puneet’s account was inactive for the last 8 months. The sudden removal of Blue Tick caused outrage among Appu’s followers.

To re-verify Appu’s Twitter handle, Rajkumar’s followers have started a campaign on Twitter. The marketing campaign was promoted by various actors and actresses from the film industry. Various hashtags were used in the campaign but #ReverifyPuneethRajkumarTwitter excelled. Members of the film fraternity like Yuvraj Kumar, director Santosh Anand Ram, Pawan Wodeyar and KP Srikanth supported the campaign.

Supporters protested through the accounts of Siddharth Shukla and Sushant Singh Rajput. He admitted that after his unfortunate demise Bollywood Stars, Twitter did not remove his blue tick. Then why the dual requirements in the Puneet Rajkumar deal?

Puneet Rajkumar, who had a huge fan following across the country, passed away due to a heart attack. The awaited and dream venture of late actor Gandha Gudi is gearing up for launch. The makers have locked it for release on October 28. Puneet’s wife Ashwini, who is running Dream Venture, gave this information on Twitter.

Ashwini captioned the post as “Appu’s last film. A unique story during which he appeared in his personal form. A journey to discover the splendid world of Karnataka. His present affection for Nadi, which gave him immense love.” The film is directed by Amoghavarsha. The story tells the importance of land and nature. Gandha Gudi is said to believe in true opportunities.

Puneet Rajkumar wraps up the shooting of his dream project. Recently, the team launched the teaser of Gandha Gudi. On the administration front, the track director is Ajneesh Loknath, while Prateek Shetty has handled the cinematography.

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