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BEIRUT: Videos circulated by activists on social media on Wednesday showed a young man beating up Lebanese and Syrian workers employed to pick cherries on their land in Majdel Akoura, northern Lebanon.

The shocking footage also showed evidence of torture on the bodies of the youths, who were filmed as they pleaded for mercy.

Families of abused men from nearby poverty-stricken villages said employers accused workers of stealing money, a wristwatch and sunglasses four days after working for them so that he could pay their wages. Can’t do it

The employer reportedly called his friends who forced the workers to take off their clothes, put potatoes in their mouths and beat them with electric wires, then filmed the abuse.

Many expressed anger on social media, particularly on organizations related to human rights, workers’ rights and Syrian refugees. Activists demanded that security forces quickly conduct an investigation to nab the participants.

The people of Fanadek, condemning the attack on their sons and demanding the arrest of the perpetrators, blocked the al-Abdeh road near the police station.

Fanadek officials confirmed that the victims in the video were youths from the city and Syrians working in Jebeel.

After the video went viral, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces stated that “a man at the Akoura police station claimed on Monday that several of his workers had stolen 100 million Lebanese pounds, and transferred the case to judicial Police. After the torture video was circulated, the ISF launched an investigation and issued an order to bring the person concerned to testify.

MP Michel Moussa, head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, said: “The abhorrent practice of torture demands full condemnation. We demand the arrest of the perpetrators of these acts that violate laws and humanitarian norms, and hurt people’s dignity.” deliver.”

Ahmed Hariri, secretary general of the Future Movement, tweeted: “What we saw in Majdel Akoura against the people of Akkad and the Syrian brothers is similar to the actions of Islamic State.”

Hariri called on the authorities to “take swift action so that the perpetrator of this heinous act becomes an example to those who allow themselves to attack people’s dignity and brutally torture others. We are part of both regions.” Appreciate people’s efforts to remain calm.”

A statement from Lebanese forces revealed that the perpetrator is affiliated with the party. The Left condemned his actions and said that his membership had been suspended until an official inquiry was completed.

“We deny being associated with this unacceptable personal act,” LF said.

In a statement, the mufti of Jabeel Sheikh Ghassan al-Luqais “condemned the attack on the people of an area which is considered to be an oasis of security, peace and coexistence between different sects. They are working to earn a living in the Majdel Akoura area.” had come, believing that they were the sons of one country.”