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Saree is a versatile garment and it only requires some creativity. Many Instagram influencers have already figured out for you how to pull off this ethnic wear in winter.

The allure and grace of ethnic clothing, especially the saree is unbeatable. Saree has been worn by women for centuries. It has stood the test of time and has become even more stylish with time. However, the saree has always been associated with summer as it is believed that one cannot wear traditional clothes during the harsh winters. However, the saree is a versatile garment and only requires some creativity. Many Instagram influencers have already figured out for you how to create a saree look in winter.

long overcoat

Tie a long overcoat in an evergreen shade, such as black, off-white, brown, or a color that goes with your saree. Saree and long overcoat creates the illusion of length, and will make you look taller rather than thick. Drape your saree, pin it up and finish it off with an attractive topcoat. To add more elegance to your outfit, you can pair it with statement jewelry or add contrasting flowers to your hair bun.

wear a coat as a blouse

You can wear a coat as a blouse instead of a blouse. Wear a mustard colored coat with a green-white, magenta, dark pink or blue saree. It will give you a classy look while keeping you safe from the chilly weather.

Replace blouse with high neck crop top

A great way to escape the winter blues and at the same time maintain a casual look is to wear a saree over a full-sleeved high neck crop top or a normal full sleeve top. Put on a crop top, drape your saree, make a big plaid on the pallu and you are ready to go. To add an eye-catching look, wear a trendy belt or a traditional waist band to enhance your appearance.

Saree with Anarkali or Angrakha Kurta

You can pair your saree with a solid neutral anarkali kurta. Though it appears as an unusual combo, if it is paired appropriately, it looks aesthetic. You can pair anarkali kurta in two ways, either wear your kurta over layers after you have finished draping and plating the saree. Now leave the pallu loose and take it over the shoulder. This is an incredibly stylish and distinctive look and will grab attention when you walk in. If you want to pair your saree with a tunic kurta, wear a high-neck crop top, a sari and wear the kurta before throwing on your pallu. Now you can either keep your pallu loose or wrap it around your neck. Kurtas with sarees give you a unique aesthetic look.

Have you ever tried an ethnic jacket with a saree?

A saree paired with an ethnic jacket will add flair to your style and make you stand out. Drape your saree as usual and wear a skin color thermal underneath. Now before placing the pallu over the jacket, take it from above the chest to the shoulders and pin it on your jacket. Button the jacket and add some stylish jewelery to add glamor to the outfit. A casual and hot outfit that will top your style game. You can also experiment by replacing the ethnic jacket with a denim jacket.

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