Top US general: Russian control of eastern Ukraine is not “an imperative”

Ukrainian forces are suffering heavy losses amid fierce fighting in the country’s east, while western leaders have promised to respond to the country’s demand for more heavy weapons.

Here’s the latest on the Russian invasion:

The situation in eastern Ukraine is getting worse: The defense of the Ukrainian army in the eastern sector of Luhansk is growing more difficultThe head of the military administration of Luhansk said on Wednesday morning. “It’s getting harder, but our forces are holding back the enemy from three directions at once,” Serhi Heyde said via telegram.

Struggle at the turning point: Western intelligence and military officials believe that Russia’s war in Ukraine is at a critical stage that could determine long term results of the conflict, according to multiple sources familiar with US and other Western intelligence. Ukraine’s military is burning through Soviet-era ammunition that fits into the old system as the country requests the West to send more heavy weapons and Russia has been sifting through two strategically important cities in eastern Ukraine. Takes advantage of artillery.

Ukraine is suffering “painful” losses: Fierce fighting continues in Severodnetsk and Kharkiv region, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Said during a video address on Tuesday. “The losses in Severodnetsk are, unfortunately, painful,” said Zelensky.

Russia Claims NATO Weapons Destroyed: Russian Defense Ministry says it destroyed a warehouse Weapons provided by NATO countries on Tuesday in the western Ukrainian Lviv region. “High-precision long-range missiles near the Zolochev, Lvov region destroyed an ammunition warehouse of foreign weapons transferred to Ukraine by NATO countries, including a 155mm M777 howitzer,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. also included.”

NATO promises more weapons: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that the coalition continue to support Ukraine is supplying them with a military aid package that will aid the Ukrainian military’s transition from Soviet-era artillery to more modern weapons. “We are extremely focused on stepping up, providing more support, more advanced weapons … as we support them in their fight against the brutal Russian aggression,” Stoltenberg said in Brussels ahead of a meeting of NATO defense ministers. Huh.”

Children of Ukraine suffering widespread displacement: almost two third According to UNICEF regional director Afshan Khan, children in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes.

Macron predicts talks with Russia: “This is the reality of things” that Ukraine and Europe “need to negotiate” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday about the Ukraine war with Russia at some point. Visiting French troops in eastern Romania, he said, “The only desirable end to the conflict is either a Ukrainian military victory or at some point talks because the fighting has stopped, so at some point we must talk.”

Pope Francis focused on Ukraine: pontiff made an appeal People should not forget about Ukraine war as the conflict continues. “Let’s not get used to living as if war was a distant thing,” he said.

Russian plan to reopen the bombed Mariupol Theater: Russia is planning to reopen Mariupol’s drama theater this fall – the place where hundreds of people died after Russian bombings on March 16, according to an adviser to the city’s Ukrainian mayor. “Dance on the bones, a performance in the cemetery,” he said. “The inhuman floor is not deep enough to injure the occupants.”