Top MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld quits Dutch D66 party to join federalist Volt

Long-serving Dutch liberal MEP Sophie announced on ̵6;T Veld’ on Friday that she had left her national party Democrats 66 and joined the pan-EU federal party Volt in frustration over its stance on Europe.

in a post Online‘T Veld, who has been an MEP since 2004, accused D66 of having an increasingly narrow focus on Dutch domestic politics at the expense of EU politics and the party for failing to root out its “aggressive behaviour”. but sarcastically Rank.

“Walt’s social-liberal, progressive, fundamentally pro-European vision fits seamlessly with my point of view,” wrote ‘t Veld’ who has fought hard against the use of illegal spyware by EU governments has been critical of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, and has advocated a Strong The role of the European Parliament against the European Commission and the Council of the European Union.

Volt has two MPs in the Dutch Parliament, one in Bulgaria and one MEP in Europe – German MP Damian Boeselager – who It has been told himself as “delighted” with the news. Boeselager sits in the European Parliament as an independent with the Greens/EFA group.

Volt Europa’s PR manager Rosa Ismaili said that despite switching parties, ‘t Veld Volt will not become an MEP nor will she be eligible to stand as a Volt candidate in the 2024 elections. This is because Dutch rules mean that in order to be a candidate in EU elections, he must have already been a member of the Volt before 18 February.

A spokesperson for the Renewal Group in Parliament, which is in ‘t Veld once aspirant To lead, said: “We believe she will stay in the group.”

Local media reported on Friday that his national party D66 had announced it wanted to rejuvenate its ranks ahead of the 2024 elections. One member, Salima Belhaj, who sits in the Dutch Parliament, has were told She is interested in leading the list for the upcoming campaign.