Tom Hanks reveals surprise acting tip he was given while filming A Man Called Otto

Tom Hanks Has revealed a surprising acting tip that he got firsthand on a recent project.

twice oscar-The winning actor is currently with comedy-drama in theaters a man called otto, In the film directed by Marc Forster, Hanks plays an irritable widower who has shut out much of the world because of his grief.

Although Hanks has been in the entertainment industry since the early eighties, he says there is one piece of acting advice he was only given the first time he was on a film set.

“I won’t tell you what scene it is in the movie, but it’s Otto at his house,” he began one episode. reelblend podcast, published earlier this month.

“We’d set it up and we knew what it was, and we knew how it went. And in the back of my head, I was thinking, ‘I don’t think we’ve had this moment in our movie yet. I think it’s too presentational. It’s too on the nose. It doesn’t have any subtext. It’s just text.’ And I’m thinking, ‘This scene is fake.’

He continued to say that the director had the same ideas as him, and advised him to lean more towards realism with his performance – something he was never told.

According to Hanks, Forster sat him down and said he had a problem with the scene because it “looked fake”.

“And I said, ‘You’re saying exactly what’s on my mind!’ said the actor.

Tom Hanks as a grumpy widower in the movie ‘A Man Called Otto’

(Nico Tavernis)

“He says, ‘So, can we take all the fake stuff out of it and make it less fake?’ I said, ‘Marc Forster, you’re the first director I’ve ever worked with who sat down on set with me and said, ‘Please make it less fake.’

“They usually want the complete opposite. ‘Can you turn up the fakeness on this a little bit? You know, Tom, I know it’s very realistic, but it’s a movie, and it needs to be a little more fake. ‘”

Hanks shared his view in another recent interview “No-One” discusses a special project from his filmographywhich he considers “incredibly important”.