Tips and tricks for working women to manage their day without any stress – Bharat Times Hindi News

One of the challenging tasks for a woman is to be a mother. But the more difficult task is to handle the responsibilities of the child and the work equally. Working mothers have responsibilities of the home and family along with the children. They are unable to take time for themselves while fulfilling the needs of others.

That’s why working moms need time management. Mothers have to make a proper schedule of their day so that everything goes according to time and they also get some time to rest. So today we are going to share some such tips which will help working moms to balance their personal and professional life.

1) organize your dayWorking moms should do all the work systematically. Because if they divide their responsibilities according to their priority, then they can complete all the work on time and will also be able to take some time for themselves. Therefore, before sleeping at night, there is a need to plan for the next day so that tasks can be completed without stress and on time.

2) Multitasking is essentialMultitasker is very important for time management. More than one job is needed to meet the demands of both home and office responsibilities. By multitasking, you save time and give it to yourself.

3) make a habit of saying noMany times the work pressure in the office increases so much that there is no time for other work. One should lift as much weight as he can handle. If work comes outside the office, then say no to it. Sometimes saying no to home and office work can reduce stress. Instead of taking all the responsibility, sometimes it’s better to just say no.

4) follow shortcutsTo complete the work quickly, it is necessary that some shortcuts should be adopted in life. If vegetables are cut for breakfast at night, then the morning time can be used for some other work. At the same time, instead of washing the dishes yourself, you can use the dishwasher, which will save a lot of time and can also get time for yourself.

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