Three Wimbledon security guards arrested for alleged fight among themselves

dispute on the basis of Grand Slam On Friday, the London Metropolitan Police was broken into by officers.
according to the GuardianThe alleged fight broke out in front of fans and started as a worker accused his colleague of taking a three-hour long break.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told CNN: “At 14:00 on Friday, July 1, officers on duty at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships were alerted to a dispute within the arena.

“Officers attended. Three people who worked in the incident were arrested on suspicion of assault. There were no reports of anyone being injured.

“He was taken into custody and later granted bail till a date at the end of July.”

CNN has contacted Knights Group Security, which supplies security guards, and Wimbledon for comment.

One Knights Group Security Company Insider told the Guardian The controversy was “shameful”, adding: “It’s not good to fight in front of fans. It has damaged the company’s reputation. I can’t believe they did.”