Three dead and 100 injured after tornado hammers Texas town of Perryton – latest

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Texas tornado captured by locals crossing through Perryton

At least three people have died after the accident tornado torn through a Texas Panhandle cities on Thursday, destroying trailer homes, toppling communications towers and plunging entire communities into darkness.

national weather service In Amarillo, a tornado was confirmed Thursday afternoon in Perryton, which is home to more than 8,000 people and is located just south of the Oklahoma border.

Perryton Fire Chief Paul Dutcher told reporters that one person died when a mobile home park was “direct hit” by a tornado.

Two other victims have also been confirmed dead, while between 75 and 100 people are being treated for minor to serious injuries.

The devastating storm knocked out power for the entire city, including a major hospital receiving residents injured in the chaos.

More than 224,000 customers in Texas were without power as of about 3:30 a.m. local time Friday morning, according to the website. In Ochiltree County – Perryton’s home – a staggering 91 percent (8,910 out of 9,775) customers were without power.

Governor Greg Abbott State emergency response resources have been directed to assist the hard-hit city.


Over 200 homes were destroyed in Periton.

Footage posted on social media shows the devastating effects of the deadly tornado that struck Perryton, Texas on Thursday (June 15) evening.

Over 200 homes were estimated to be destroyed in the city, including the Perryton firehouse.

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Perryton Fire Department firehouse destroyed

Perryton Fire Department and EMS said in a facebook post Their firehouse was completely destroyed in the tornado but EMS trucks and ambulances were passable.

“Tornado on the ground at least 1 mile and 1/4 mile wide!” He has written “The fire department took a direct hit, our trucks and ambulances are drivable.”

Photos of the sites where the firehouse once stood show flattened land with few structures remaining with extensive damage.

Perryton Fire and EMS wrote: “We have a lot of work to do in the coming days to heal our community! Many thanks to all the first responders from the 3 state area who came to assist!

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Perryton Hospital Provides Services for Tornado Injuries

Ochiltree General Hospital, a local hospital in Perryton, Texas, posted on its Facebook page that it is providing medical services to those injured in the devastating tornado that hit the city.

“If you need medical treatment we are here. We have the staff, we have the supplies, we have the room,” Ochiltree wrote.

The hospital said they had oxygen available for those in need and invited residents to come in and request oxygen from the hospital’s respiratory team.

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WATCH: Texas tornado captured by locals crossing through Perryton

Texas tornado captured by locals crossing through Perryton

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shocking video harm

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In pictures: Tornado devastation in Perryton

Tornado damaged buildings and vehicles in Perryton


A view of a damaged site in Perryton after the town was hit by a tornado

(Abrina Devers via TMX/Reuters)

A view of a damaged site at Periton

(Sabrina Devers via TMX/Reuters)

A vehicle and buildings have been damaged in Periton.


Debris spread over residential area in Periton


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared a state of emergency.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has directed the state’s emergency response resources to assist the badly hit city.

“The State of Texas is rapidly deploying critical emergency response resources to provide all necessary assistance and support to protect Texans and help those affected by the tornado in Perryton,” the governor announced in a statement.

“I encourage all Texans to heed the guidance of state and local officials and take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“We stand ready to immediately provide additional resources needed during this severe weather event.”

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thousands of texans without power

More than 224,000 customers in Texas were without power as of 3:30 a.m. CT local time Friday, according to the website.

In Ochiltree County – Perryton’s home – a staggering 91 percent (8,910 out of 9,775) customers were without power.

Xcel Energy told ABC News late Thursday that Paryton had no power at all.

“Our crews are arriving on site and assisting in clearing lines from cars and roads. We are patrolling the transmission feed in the city and also assessing possible damage at the main substation in the city.’

“One of the three main broadcast feeds in the city was apparently unpowered, but we disabled it for security reasons.”

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Texas Congressman Ronnie Jackson comments on the Perryton tornado

“Jane and I are praying for the people of Perryton tonight. I am in contact with Mayor Simmons and I and my entire staff are following this tragedy closely. Please tune in to KXDJ for updates,” he tweeted Did.

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Storm chasers describe witnessing storms

Storm chaser Brian Emfinger told Fox Weather that he saw the twister tearing apart a mobile home park, trailers and uprooting trees.

“I saw the tornado do some serious destruction in the industrial part of town,” he said.

“Unfortunately, just west of there, there’s just mobile home, after mobile home, after mobile home that’s completely destroyed. There’s a lot of damage.”

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