This lonely cat reminds us of the power of a hug, netizens can’t get enough of it

Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, June 23

A video is going viral on social media, in which a cute kitty is seen draped in the arms of an idol. The touching video shared by Buitengbiden on Twitter has garnered 6.6 million views so far.

While the video reminds its viewers of the power of a hug, some netizens feel sad that the heck doesn’t have anyone to give her a real hug.

In the video, there are two idols in a garden and the cat fits himself in the arms of one of the idols. It can be seen relaxing in the neck, even if it is by an idol. Looks like the cat is in dire need of a hug.

Watch Viral Video:

With most users raving about the heck, some also felt intrigued.

One user wrote, ‘Safeest place…Lap’. Another applauded the cat, “Kitties are so agile they can get comfortable almost anywhere…. even on a stone that isn’t even flat! That’s an adorable picture!” A third said, “No lap in the storm.” There are comments like “precious”, “beautiful, touching”. One comment read, “Most nutritious video of the year award goes to..!”

Someone even said, “The claws that extend and close tell you everything. That’s what cats do.”

But there were also comments expressing concern for the cat. One user wrote, ‘Oh…so cute. But even a little sad… doesn’t the cat have a real one to hug him?” Another commented, “Does that cat have a home?”

Several users also shared other videos and pictures of cats and dogs showing their love for animals.