This ’90s Annual Day Dance’ entertainer has left netizens happy and nostalgic

Annual days in school or college are full of eventful and fun moments for many people. Reminding netizens of their student life, the three men have shared a video featuring the “90s Annual Day Dance”. were internet users left in split With his short clip.

Now viral clip shows men Grooving for bollywood songs slogans, One of them is seen surprised at the moves and simply follows the other person – a typical scenario during a stage performance. Another man walks into the center and continues to dance to the beat of the trio Teacher movie song. During the demonstration, one of the men’s clothes slips and falls and he is seen kicking it.

The clip shared by Hari Muniyappan, an actor according to his Instagram bio and Vikas Vikram, stand up comedian. “Nanare Song (90s Annual Dance),” he captioned the clip. His Instagram account includes many funny videos.

The clip has garnered over 20.6 million views on Instagram and over 1,900,000 likes. Several actors also replied to the hilarious video. Actress Priya Mani Raj commented, “This is hilarious!!!!” And actor Gayatri Shankar posted three laughing emojis. One user commented, “Back to early days.”