The Tories are running out of excuses — not for want of trying | Tom Peck

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fact tory couldn’t really say anything That didn’t stop them from trying.

What were they going to present? In the build-up to Thursday’s local elections, he did his best to manage expectations by claiming very publicly that he Expected loss of one thousand seatsA “target” which they are now expected to exceed by some margin.

that he ran an election campaign that involved little more than party chairman Greg Hands waving a thirteen-year-old note across the country about “no money left”, in the vain hope that someone would think Maybe the country is being governed better than before.

It is unclear whether the Tory MP, who was on television trying to do damage limitation, was asked to say anything, but he did.

Kelly Tolhurst, MP for Rochester and Strood in Kent, which now has a Labor council for the first time in 25 years, believed the problem was that the government – her own government – trying to build a lot of houses,

At the same time, his colleague Charles Walker was telling Times Radio that the problem was that they were not building enough.

Andrea Leadsom, the former leader of the House of Commons, at one point came forward to claim that new rules on voter id was not just a cynical scam designed to disenfranchise people who did not vote Conservative, and was instead designed to give the public “increased confidence” in the voting system. And then, without pausing for breath, he explained that these brand new, more reliable election results aren’t really what they purport to be, and it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. It is not.

Meanwhile, veterans minister Johnny Mercer in Plymouth said something vague about taking it “on the chin”, but luckily for him no one heard it under the deafening cheers of Labor activists who were about to celebrate the victory. Were trying to. What he really said was that it was a “terrible night”. But mainly people will only remember Vince.

Given roughly eight hours to produce something passable, a Conservative advantage over Labor in Dudley is grabbed, where Labor is clearly down on its results in 1995. shoes at a suburban leisure center and declaring, “That’s the real quiz”. They say, take your victory as far as possible. And in this case, specifically Brearley Hill in Dudley and absolutely nowhere else.

The line they finally settled on is that there is no evidence of the Queen leaning towards the opposition. Rishi Sunak strolling out of Tory HQ and said so himself, “I don’t foresee any mass movement of movement towards the Labor Party,” he said, before doing his best to reiterate his Big Five promises. “Cut NHS waiting list”, on which there currently seven million people, In order to “reduce the national debt”, his watch has been extended after borrowing; the “growing economy”, which has been stagnant for a decade; And “stopping the boats”, even though there’s still no reason to believe their bigger plan on that front, to deport asylum seekers in Rwanda, is legal.

A triumphant Keir Starmer said Labor was “very, very good” on course for a majority at the next election. Noted pollster Professor Sir John Curtis quickly poured cold water on the lap of that particular victory, noting that the result was Labor “should be the largest party in the next parliament”, adding that it was “still uncertain” whether they would win an outright majority.

the trouble is that other voices have already seen the problem here for sage, Lord Finkelstein, a Conservative peer, patiently explained to Times Radio that “the main force in British politics” is hostile to the Tories. It seems voters across the country are doing everything possible to vote against him. If they’ve decided they hate you, it doesn’t matter if they don’t like the other guy.

And both Labor and the Lib Dem know that if the voters have made it their own, they don’t need to make any sort of formal deal in order to achieve it.

There may not be any major groundwells going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean the ground beneath Rishi Sunak’s feet isn’t opening up. It definitely is.