The newspaper articles the Duke of Sussex claims involved unlawful activity

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Several articles about the Duke of Sussex’s life have been at the center of his legal battle with the Mirror’s publisher.

Harry has published around 140 stories from 1996 to 2010. Mirror Group Newspaper (MGN) title, used information obtained through illegal means such as phone hacking.

Articles cover the Duke’s relationship with his family and ex-girlfriend Chelsea DavySome injuries and illnesses, his military service, and allegations of drug use.

Some 33 articles, dated between 1996 and 2009, have been selected for examination during the ongoing trial of Harry’s disputed claim against MGN.

MGN told the trial in London that it denied that 28 of the 33 articles involved illegal information gathering and did not admit to the remaining five articles.

The publisher claims the stories came from a range of sources, including information disclosed by the royal family or other royals, independent journalists and news agencies, as well as confidential sources with “extensive” royal contacts.

Here is a list of the 33 articles:

,Diana So sad for Harry’s big day”. daily Mirror, September 16 1996.

“Princeses Go to the Hills for Gala”. daily Mirror. July 17 2000.

“3am – Harry’s time at the bar”. daily Mirror. September 19 2000.

“Picture… Harry breaks thumbs up like William; Exclusive”. Daily Mirror. 11 November 2000.

“Rage of Harry”. Sunday Mirror. 11 November 2000.

“Harry Took Drugs” and “Cool It Harry”. Sunday Mirror. 13 January 2002.

“Harry’s cocaine ecstasy and GHB parties”. mirror. 14 January 2002.

“Harry is sick with the kissing disease”. daily Mirror. 29 March 2002.

“No Eton trifles for Harry, 18”. September 16 2002.

“Mature Harry Is a Godfather”. People. April 20 2003.

“Harry to lead cadet’s march”. daily Mirror. April 29 2003.

“Harry is set to leave Oz”. daily Mirror. September 27 2003.

“Beach Bum Harry”. daily Mirror. December 16 2003.

“Wills… Seeing Burrell is the only way to stop him selling more of Diana’s secrets. Not Harry… Burrell’s…”. People. 28 December 2003.

“Harry is a Chelsea fan”. daily Mirror. 29 November 2004.

“When Harry Met Daddy… The Biggest Threat to Wildlife in Africa”. daily Mirror. December 13 2004.

“Harry’s girl ‘to dump him'”. daily Mirror. 15 January 2005.

“Chelsea is not happy”. daily Mirror. 15 January 2005.

“you did what!”. Sunday Mirror. February 6 2005.

“Who Dare to Windsor”. daily Mirror. March 4, 2005.

“Chelsea’s Gap EIIR”. People. 24 April 2005.

“Harry Carey!”. People. 15 May 2005.

“Chell Shocked”. People. April 9 2006.

“Davy Said”. People. 16 September 2007.

“Hooray Harry has been dropped”. Sunday Mirror. 11 November 2007.

“Down in the Dump”. daily Mirror. 12 November 2007.

“Er, okay if I drop you off here?”. Sunday Mirror. 2 December 2007.

“Harry panics as mobile is swiped”. daily Mirror. July 26 2008.

“Soldier Harry’s Taliban”. People. September 28 2008.

“He just loves drinking and the army, he’s fed up and going home”. Sunday Mirror. 25 January 2009.

“3am: What a Way to Harry On”. daily Mirror. 26 March 2009.

“Harry’s date with Gladiators star”. People. April 19 2009.

“Chelsea’s New Friend”. People. 26 April 2009.