The Los Angeles Organizing Committee announced the key dates for the 2028 Olympic Games. CNN


2028 opening ceremony summer sports The Games will be held in Los Angeles on July 14 and the Games will conclude on July 30, Games organizer LA28 announced on Monday. The LA28 Paralympic Games will begin on August 15 and close on August 27.

“Today is the official countdown to the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Janet Evans, a five-time Olympic medalist and chief athlete officer for LA28.

“The LA28 Games will be unlike any other, showcasing the best of Southern California’s exceptional stadiums and world-class culture to athletes and fans alike.

“This milestone makes the Games a reality for each athlete actively training for fans who follow their LA28 dream and journey.”

The LA28 Games would mark the third time the games were held in the Southern California city, following previous events in 1932 and 1984. It will host the Paralympic Games for the first time.

Organizers have said that the use of existing stadiums as well as college dormitories will help keep costs down for athletes and media and reduce environmental impact.

“LA is an ambitious city of infinite possibilities and the games will reflect our community,” said LA28 President Casey Wasserman.

“Los Angeles will provide the perfect backdrop to host the largest cultural, sporting and entertainment event in the world.”

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said he was impressed by the progress and creativity of the organisers, including LA28’s $160 million investment to support the Youth Games in Los Angeles.

“Six years before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028, it is already a significant sporting legacy, having changed the lives of more than a million children,” Bach said.

“This will help bring new fans to the Olympic sport and leave a sporting legacy for generations to come.”