The ‘Clothes With A Cause’ Store Is Growing While Paying Ahead

Indianapolis ̵1; Clothes With A Cause is a store with a huge purpose and is now making its way to Mission Mass Avenue.

Clothes started with a reason in the living room with a rack of clothes. It then called an RV named Betty June, home. Back then, it was a store in Carmel and now Massachusetts Avenue.

“Ever since we decided to open a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s been a dream to scale up,” said Kelly McLaughlin.

The new store hasn’t been open in a long time, but it’s already gaining attention. The store’s trendy outfits draw customers in, but that’s what keeps them coming back.

“In general, it’s about paying it forward and making Indy a better place,” McLaughlin said. “The idea came out more than 4 years ago, we wanted a boutique donating back to the community. People told me to consider doing 100% if you really want to make a difference.”

The goal is to get other local stores to follow his lead.

“We want to set an example for other companies,” McLaughlin said, “you can even pay it up front,” even if it’s ten percent of your profits.

All sales during the month of August will go toward the Indiana Special Olympics

click here To learn more about upcoming fundraisers.


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