The art of the political interview


POLITICO’s Albert Ri takes us inside the art of the political interview.

In a rare conversation from behind the microphone, the Today presenter and former BBC political editor Nick Robinson What’s going through his mind amid a high-profile grilling, politicians lying, persuading him to appear on the Today programme, and what happened behind the scenes when he berated Boris Johnson for “stop talking” Did.

Rob Burley, who has scripted political interviews with greats at Sky News including Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, Jeremy Paxman, Emily Maitlis and now Beth Rigby, Tells us how they plan a big interview, the great interview in political history – and what Paxos was thinking when he asked Michael Howard the same question 12 times.

East Westminster Hour Doyne carolyn quinn reveals the complex human relationships between interviewers and politicians, while former Tory staffers Laura-Emily Dunn turns out What is happening in the political side.

Andrea Leadsom And Rachel Sylvester Each – separately – remember Leadsom’s car crash “motherhood” interview during the 2016 Tory leadership campaign, which arguably led her to drop out of the race and left Theresa May as prime minister.