Terrible moment man gets sucked into a sinkhole that opens at the bottom of the swimming pool

Chandigarh, July 23

A house party in Israel turned into a nightmare for guests after a sinkhole at the bottom of a swimming pool opened and sucked a man into a 13-metre-deep hole.

The horrific incident happened during a company party in the city of Yosef, an Israeli employee. The swimming pool was located inside a private villa that was chosen as the venue for the party.

Mobile phone footage of the incident showed people in swimming costumes and a nearby empty pool watching in further shock as water flows down a large hole, taking inflatable objects with them.

A man who turns to look, slips back, but manages to get up, narrowly escapes.

People sitting around the pool were heard screaming and trying to get out.

The victim of the tragedy was later identified as Kil Kimhee, a company employee at the age of 30. After a search and rescue operation, the police found him dead. Local reports indicate that Kimhi fell into a 13-metre sinkhole and it took rescuers four hours to reach it.

About 50 people attended the party, six of whom were inside the pool when the sinkhole opened. One man managed to escape and needed medical attention, while the others were not harmed except Kimhee.

The couple who owned the villa were arrested by the police. They have been charged with causing death by negligence. Police have started an investigation into the matter, and will investigate allegations that the landlords built a swimming pool on their property without proper licenses and permits.