Taylor Swift and Pete Davidson tease ‘SNL’ newbies


This episode was hosted by the actor Jonathan Majors, and instead of the usual two performances by “SNL” musical guests, Swift gave a full 10-minute version of her song “All Too Well” from her re-recorded album. She also joined in on some laughs, teaming up with Pete Davidson in a parody roast of “Virgin” show writers Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Hurley.

“Ben’s like a sad Ron Weasley / He looks like Big Bird / Lost all his wings,” Swift sings to the trio. “Martin has the allure and sex appeal of a scarecrow.”

After a series of jokes from Davidson at his own expense, Swift sings that none of the “three sad virgins” have “the courage to take their shirt off in front of a girl,” to which the writer shrugs and adds: ” truth.”

beyond a very clever “Sesame Street” spins in the cold open, other highlights of the night include a commercial parody for an outdoor “Man Park” where socially awkward people can make friends, talk about Marvel, and understand speaking only in monosyllabic sentences.

advertising award

In this sketch, Majors plays Jake the state farm man, and Heidi Gardner plays and flaunts Progressive commercials while hosting a mock awards show. They mock ads with incompatible themes, deceive advertisers: “What are you using to sell… what?”

They also include tributes to “Quibi, Tubi, Wubu, Boppy, Dooku, Titi”.

Children’s Stories

Kenan Thompson and Major host an extraordinary show for kids in this sketch. They don’t like creepy kids who come to their shows with creepy stories to tell one by one and it’s a lot of fun.

Broadway Review

Eddie Bryant and Kyle Mooney attend a Broadway musical revue in this sketch, joining Majors Boen Yang and Cecily Strong to deliver some salty banter and vocals.

pet shop advertising

You might need to be a Bone Thug-n-Harmony fan to really appreciate it, but who isn’t? In this sketch commercial, Major, Thompson, Ego Navodim, and Chris Redd rap about all the bones available in their new pet store.