Take 5 on poor food quality at UP police canteens| Things are better… There is a fixed menu, only veg: Superintendent of Police, Mainpuri

Last month, a video of a constable complaining about the quality of food at a reserve police lines mess in UP’s Firozabad district had gone viral. Within a week, Mainpuri SP Kamlesh Kumar Dixit paid a surprise visit and, as per a video, found dal “watery” and rotis “dry”. However, he says, the quality has improved now

① Who eats at reserved police lines canteens?

From a constable to a sub-inspector, everyone… These are mostly policemen staying in a government accommodation or away from families. Policemen posted elsewhere also eat food here.

② How is the quality of food maintained?

The district police chief visits every Friday for a parade and, during the inspection, also checks the food. Once every week, the additional superintendent and deputy superintendent check. There are also random checks.

③ Who is responsible for the menu?

There is a fixed menu. Food is prepared under a mess manager who holds the rank of a head constable. Cops posted at the police lines select one each month. Only vegetarian food is prepared.

④ Who is responsible for the raw material purchased?

The mess manager. There is a purchasing party and an audit party who help the manager.

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⑤ Who prepares the food?

Cooks posted at the police lines. They are generally government employees or hired on a contractual basis. Cooks are posted as per demand.