How AI Is Catapulting Nvidia Toward the $1 Trillion Club

The company’s chips are leaders in processing the complex calculations driving the latest internet revolution.

Chip maker Nvidia Powers Nasdaq Higher

Dow slips, even as artificial-intelligence boom lifts index.

Nvidia Poised for Record Sales as AI Demand Kicks In

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A Cheaper Way to Bet on AI Than Investing in Nvidia

Shares of Nvidia soared after anticipating a revenue tailwind from the artificial-intelligence race, but if you…

Berkshire Hathaway Opens New Position in Capital One, Exits BNY Mellon

Warren Buffett’s company also added large stakes in Apple and Bank of America.

TSMC’s Tough Quarter Complicates Its U.S. Chip Ambitions

The latest results from the world’s largest contract chip maker confirm the grim outlook facing the…

WSJ News Exclusive | TSMC Seeks Up to $15 Billion From U.S. for Chip Plants but Objects to Conditions

But the world’s biggest contract chipmaker is backing some of the subsidy conditions imposed by Washington.

TSMC reports revenue decline for the first time in nearly four years

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co said its revenue fell 15% in March from a year earlier, the…

Berkshire Hathaway Boosts Stake in Apple, Paramount Global in Relatively Quiet Quarter

Warren Buffett’s group did not open new positions in any company.

TSMC Expects to Outsmart the Chip Downturn

The chip-making juggernaut thinks it can avoid serious damage from the economic downturn.