Biogen to Cut Roughly 11% of Workforce to Focus on Big-Return Drugs

The biotech company cited the launch of Alzheimer’s drug Lekembi as part of its new focus…

WSJ News Exclusive | At Startup That Says Its AI Writes Medical Records, Humans Do a Lot of the Work

DeepScribe relies on a team of people to review technology-generated reports, listen in on medical conversations,…

What Elon Musk’s AI Startup Means for Tesla’s AI Ambitions

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White House Says Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft Agree to AI Safeguards

Large tech companies are adopting voluntary guidelines such as watermarking artificial content.

WSJ News Exclusive | Sergey Brin Is Back in the Trenches at Google

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Business and Labor Square Off Over AI’s Future in American Workplace

The Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into the ChatGPT app points to an emerging conflict over how…

Thousands of Authors Ask AI Chatbot Owners to Pay for Use of Their Work

James Patterson and Margaret Atwood are among the writers who have joined the call for compensation.

Meta, Microsoft Team Up to Offer New AI Software for Businesses

The meta AI model, called Llama 2, will be free and available to developers building software…

Efforts to Rein In AI Tap Lesson From Social Media: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Activists and officials are racing to shape regulations and public understanding of new artificial intelligence tools.

The Big Question for Managers on AI: Who Gets the Job of Figuring It Out?

Companies form committees and teams to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence as executives debate how…