A Meta Platforms Leak Put Powerful AI in the Hands of Everyone

In February Meta began giving a limited number of researchers access to advanced AI language software,…

ChatGPT’s Sam Altman Calls on Congress to Adopt Safety Standards for AI Systems

Congress is looking to enact artificial-intelligence rules if it can reach a consensus.

ChatGPT’s Sam Altman Faces Senate Panel Examining Artificial Intelligence

Congress is looking to impose artificial-intelligence regulations, if it can reach a consensus.

How AI Will Change the Workplace

We asked some top thinkers from various fields to weigh in on what’s ahead, as the…

Help! My Political Beliefs Were Altered by a Chatbot!

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Google No Longer Seen Playing AI Defense to Microsoft

Wall Street says the company’s latest AI announcements should clarify the situation on the stock.

SoftBank Says Goodbye to Alibaba, Hello to More AI Investments

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SoftBank Says Goodbye to Alibaba, Hello to More AI Investments

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Microsoft Won’t Raise Salaries for Full-Time Employees This Year

The software company still plans to offer promotions, bonuses and stock awards.

Opinion | Another Reason Hollywood Will Love AI

Could there be a better technology in a town known for ‘credit stealing’?