A Surprising Beneficiary of New Alzheimer’s Drugs: GE HealthCare

Biogen, Eli Lilly drugs to expand imaging market for companies in diagnostics sector.

Biogen to Cut Roughly 11% of Workforce to Focus on Big-Return Drugs

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Big Pharma Bets Big on China

China remains attractive to global pharmaceutical companies, even as many multinationals are turning their attention elsewhere.

WSJ News Exclusive | At Startup That Says Its AI Writes Medical Records, Humans Do a Lot of the Work

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Dow Edges Higher, Its 10th Gain in a Row

Healthcare and financial stocks moved into positive territory this week for the year.

Tornado Damages Key Pfizer Drugmaking Plant

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Johnson & Johnson Rips Off the Kenvue Band-Aid

The surprisingly quick delivery and extended evaluation hit J&J’s consumer health arm hard.

Surge in Heart Procedures Helps Drive Johnson & Johnson Revenue

The pharmaceutical company’s net income rose 6.9% to $5.14 billion, or $1.96 per share.