McCarthy urges Republicans to support debt ceiling plan cnn politics

cnn , speaker Kevin McCarthy House Republicans were urged to lend their support during a closed-door…

Economy Week Ahead: U.S. Household Spending, Home Sales in Focus

economy economy week ahead The Federal Reserve is also ready to release minutes about interest rates.

U.S. Households Lifting Economy After Being Stung by Inflation Last Year

economy american economy Wage benefits, state tax deductions and cost-of-living adjustments are boosting disposable income.

U.S. Could Default as Soon as July if Debt-Ceiling Standoff Isn’t Resolved

We CBO estimates US may be unable to pay bills on time between July and September

Congress needs to act soon to avoid catastrophic US debt default, CBO report warns cnn politics

CNN , The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the federal government would be unable to…

Sell on eBay or Get Paid on Venmo? You Probably Owe the IRS Taxes

listen to the article (two minutes) Whether you sell vinyl records on eBay, teach tennis lessons…

These Millionaires Tried Turning a Yacht Into a Tax Break. The IRS Sank Their Plan.

An odyssey of years marked by audits, lawsuits and confrontations at sea.

After Telling Millions of Taxpayers to Hold Off Filing, IRS Says Go Ahead

Market personal Finance New guidance clears up confusion on taxability of certain state exemptions and refunds

opinion | Biden’s 2025 Tax Agenda

He’s raising Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s estate tax again on unrealized property gains.

opinion | Biden Tells A Deficit Fairy Tale

The red ink goes into the new fiscal year as spending increases despite White House claims.