Supreme Court judge’s question on sedition law: Justice Nariman wants the law to be abolished, says- Government is filing a case against critics – Bharat Times Hindi News

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  • Words of justice Nariman said that the law of sedition is of colonial nature, criticizing the government makes a case of sedition

Many questions have arisen in the last few years regarding the sedition law in the country. The opposition has been continuously accusing the government of misusing this law. The Supreme Court has also pointed this out many times. Now retired Supreme Court judge Justice RF Nariman has advocated abolishing this law. They have questioned the use of this law and termed it as a law of colonial mindset.

Time to allow freedom of expression
Justice Nariman expressed concern over action under the Sedition Act against those criticizing the government. “It is time to completely abolish sedition laws and allow freedom of expression,” he said. Justice Nariman was recently addressing a virtual program of a law school in Mumbai.

“Unfortunately, in the recent past, cases have been registered against youth, students and stand-up comedians for criticizing the government under the sedition law. This law is of colonial nature. There is no place for this in the constitution of the country.

Action is not being taken against those giving provocative speeches
Justice Nariman said, on one hand, a case is being registered under the Sedition Act. At the same time, those who give inflammatory speeches are not being dealt with properly. Some call for genocide of a particular group, but strict action is not taken against them. The officials are also apathetic.

“Unfortunately, people at the highest levels in power are not only silent on such inflammatory language, but are almost supporting it,” he said. He said that it was heartening to learn that Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu had recently said that hate speech is not only unconstitutional but a crime.

Hate speech should be punished with minimum punishment
Justice Nariman suggested that Parliament should provide for minimum punishment for hate speech. However, he added that an accused of hate speech could face a jail term of up to three years. But in reality it never happens because there is no minimum punishment prescribed. If we want to strengthen the rule of law, then Parliament should bring a law to provide for minimum punishment.

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