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scheduled tribe. LOUIS – The day St. Louis settled a $790 million lawsuit against the Rams and the NFL, many fans said they felt like the league was shut down when they were backed against the goal line.

“They can go up a dollar or two,” Renia Pruitt said.

“The football industry is a multi-billion dollar industry,” said Tim Kleiman. “They could have got and maybe even more. What are they doing with the money?”

The NFL has left town twice, and without settling an expansion team lawsuit, it is possible to do pro football in the Dome.

Brendan Canada said, “It’s a little sad that they’re gone, but not at all.”

“We weren’t going to get a team back,” said Rob Huitt. “If we can keep it to them then whatever we can do with them, that’s good enough for me.”

However, this time around $513 million is being spent in the city and county and an additional $276 million going to the attorneys representing St. Louis in court.

“I think St. Louis is moving in a very good direction,” Canada said. “There’s a lot of work to be done. There’s still a lot to do about St. Louis and we’re going to increase it even more.”

While it’s still unclear how the money will be divided between the city and county, it appears that everyone has an idea of ​​how to spend it.

Canada said, “I think what they could do with that money was put it in the stadium to pay for it, and then put it into the infrastructure in the city because it’s definitely going to have to do with it.” There is a lot to be done,” Canada said. There must be a roadblock in the way. ” the wanted.”

“I don’t really care what they do to be honest with you,” Hutt said. “They should make a big billboard that says something about Kroenke, I don’t know.”

“ST. Lewis has so many other terrible things to do without football,” Mike Hill said. “The football team lost.”

Stan Kroenke has previously agreed to indemnify the league in the matter, but it is unclear how much of the $790 million he will be on the hook for.

The amount should be paid within 30 days of settlement.