Shraddha murder case: Police may seek brain mapping of Aftab from court if narco test proves inconclusive

As details related to the gruesome Shraddha Walker murder case continue to emerge, Delhi Police on Wednesday said they may do brain mapping of accused Aftab Poonawalla under circumstances if the results of polygraph and narco analysis are inconclusive.

Speaking to The Times of India, a police source said that the team may approach the court to get Poonawalla’s brain mapping done. This comes a day after officials of the Forensic Science Laboratory in Rohini conducted a few sessions of narco-analysis, with the major sessions scheduled to take place on December 1.

How does brain mapping work?

A brain map, also known as a neuro map, is a valuable tool used to evaluate one’s brainwaves and identify opportunities to improve communication between different areas of the brain. A brain map is able to capture a window of brain activity, analyze the data, and create a visual representation of each lobe of the brain and each specific brain wave.

To perform our brain mapping, the subject is made to wear a headband with sensors to measure electrical brain responses. A brain fingerprinting device using the electroencephalogram is deployed to study the electrical behavior of the human brain, including the experience of crime and a person’s involvement.

Notably, brain mapping is completely non-invasive and does not require any chemicals or drugs to be injected into the subject, unlike narco analysis. However, the permission of the court is necessary with the permission of the subject to conduct the examination.

Aftab shows no remorse in polygraph test

Polygraph test of accused Aftab has been done. According to the police, during the five sessions of the polygraph test, the accused showed no remorse while admitting his crime. During the trial, the accused also admitted that he chopped off Shraddha’s body parts and threw them in the forest, however, the police say where the weapon used to cut the body and the body parts were disposed of Was, it was not known. There are many inconsistencies regarding the assessment.

Police said that Aftab has also confirmed dating with several women. According to the police, Aftab behaved normally during the polygraph session and told the police that he had already told them how he killed Shraddha.

Aftab was brought to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Delhi office amid tight security on Tuesday for a polygraph test, a day after he was attacked by armed men outside the laboratory.

Aftab gifts Shraddha’s ring to psychiatrist girlfriend

Talking to the investigating officers, Aftab’s new girlfriend revealed on Wednesday that the accused gave her several gifts, including a ring and perfume. Police said Aftab met her through mobile dating application ‘Bumble’. “He always seemed very normal and caring,” she told police.

According to news agency ANI, the woman, currently undergoing counselling, revealed that when she entered the Chhatarpur residence, she was not aware that Shraddha’s body parts were kept there. As per some reports, Aftab had gifted her a ring on October 12, which originally belonged to Shraddha.

The new girlfriend also told the police that she had visited Aftab’s flat twice in the month of October, but had no idea about Shraddha’s murder or the presence of human body parts in the house. He said, “Aftab was never afraid. He often used to tell me about his house in Mumbai.

Aftab allegedly strangulated Shraddha Walker and cut her body into 35 pieces, which he kept in a 300-litre fridge at his residence in south Delhi’s Mehrauli for nearly three weeks and dumped across the city over several days . Gave. He was arrested on 12 November and sent to police custody for five days, which was extended for a further five days on 17 November.

Meanwhile, the narco-analysis to be held on December 1 will focus on questions related to disposal of weapons, Shraddha’s mobile phone, why she cut the body into 35 pieces, and whether it was a premeditated murder. Secret, noted the police.

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