Shireen Mazari claims ‘voice recorder’ found in her bedroom

PTI leader and former Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari claimed on Tuesday that staff at her Islamabad residence had discovered a “voice recorder” in her bedroom a day earlier.

“I was in Banigala yesterday when I got a call from my domestic help that a device was installed under a coffee table in my bedroom,” she said at a press conference in Islamabad with Shibli Faraz.

The former minister said he initially thought the device in question was a USB one. But upon further investigation, we learned that it was a “voice recorder”, adding that the device was an “American model”.

He further claimed that the device was similar to the “hearing device” found with PTI chief Imran Khan. Habitat last month.

“The question arises, who installed it? That too in my bedroom. We have doubts about who is behind this. But I want to highlight that this is a violation of the Constitution.”

Sharing details about the device, she said that it was traceable and had a mic through which “everything could be heard”.

“What are they trying to find out?” He asked, saying that the state “has no boundaries”.

“What else do you want to achieve? There are fake cases registered against us. Our mobile phones have been tapped. The law and the Constitution have been turned into a joke.

The former minister claimed that the concept of privacy has disappeared from the society, adding that all dissenting voices are subject to this test.

“But I will stand against it and file a constitutional petition in the Islamabad High Court. They have violated my right to privacy and security.”

He also urged the government and the state to be vigilant as people in the country were furious at the foreign conspiracy – which PTI claimed was hatched to overthrow his government – and taking a stand against the state.

“You have seen the results of the Punjab bypolls. But it seems the agencies still don’t understand [the situation],” He said.

“Whether it is neutral or any other secret agency, no one can silence us,” she said, vowing to expose everyone behind such tactics.

Later, PTI leader and former finance minister Shaukat Tarin said “demolition of Mazari’s house is regrettable”.

“Where is the constitutional protection to the citizens of Pakistan?” He asked.

Without naming anyone, PTI leader Asad Umar said the alleged rebellion showed “how desperate these people are and how much they are afraid of them”.

PTI’s allegations

warning That if the harassment of him and his party did not stop, he would be forced to “reveal everything” about the characters involved in the alleged plot to overthrow his government.

Last month, PTI leader Shahbaz Gill had said that an employee of Banigala spy tool Imran’s bedroom

He had told the media that the suspect had been working at the PTI chief’s residence for the past six years and that is why “he was paid to install the device in the bedroom.”

Gill had alleged that Rs 50,000 was given to the employee and he was told that once the information is received, he will be given more money.

The PTI leader had also said that all intelligence and law enforcement agencies were already informed about the threats to Imran’s life.

week later, the party was Claimed That his supporters were receiving “threatening calls” from “unknown numbers”. Party leaders had also alleged that a pilot who had taken Imran to his rallies ahead of the Punjab by-polls had received similar calls.