Shameless thief caught on camera while passing Paramus family home before stealing BMW

Paramus, N.J. Police are looking for a man who committed a brazen crime in Garden State.

They say a car thief broke into the house while the family was upstairs and stole the car keys, before taking off with the BMW.

As CBS2’s Nick Calloway reported Wednesday, surveillance video shows the suspect sneaking around the family home in Paramus.

The alleged criminal could be seen on cameras installed outside and inside the house in the Bruce Drive area of ​​the town on Monday night.

It all started around 11 pm. The suspect exits a white SUV across the street wearing a ski mask, and then tries several doors before unlocking one in the garage.

From there he enters the house. He digs a few coats in the mud room before going any further into the house.

He was later seen lurking near a ladder.

The family living in the house was right up the stairs.

Police say that the thief got the keys of the victim’s car and then left the way he had come. In the driveway, he is seen taking off in the family’s black BMW.

The victims did not want to speak to CBS2 on camera, but the incident left neighbors in disbelief.

“It’s dangerous,” said one.

“It’s shameless. It’s terrifying. I bet it’s horrifying for the homeowner,” said Dan Cooney.

Paramus police said it was at least the third time in recent months that thieves broke into borough homes to steal keys to high-end cars. Mayor Rich La Barbiera said the problem is not unique to Paramus, and criminals are becoming even more brazen.

“At first it was, ‘Let’s see if the door is open and if it has a fob.’ Now, they’re actually going and searching for the keys so they can gain access to the car and pull away.”

Police advise residents to lock doors and vehicles, and to lock doors between garages and living spaces.

Remarkably, victims say the same car stolen on Monday night was also stolen back in April. At that point, they admit to leaving a key in the car.

The stolen car has not yet been recovered.