SD Government Kristi Noem issues national ad targeting transgender student athletes

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem released a national ad on Thursday promoting legislation targeting transgender youth.

Without saying the word “transgender” or “trans,” the ad promotes a bill that Noam, a Republican, introduced Last month. The measure would prevent trans girls from playing on any women’s sports teams at school, including club teams.

Noem, the first woman to serve as South Dakota’s governor, said it would be “the country’s strongest law protecting women’s sports.”

“In South Dakota, only girls play girls’ games,” the ad begins. “Why? Because of the leadership of Gov. Christie Noem. Noem has been defending the girls’ sport for years and has never been behind.”

Noem wrote on Twitter that the ad, which promotes his 2022 election campaign, will appear on the prime-time national news show Thursday evening.

Namo in March vetoed One such bill that bars trans women and girls from competing in women’s sports leagues, Citing “significant unintended consequences”.

But last month, he almost made a face, introduce a new bill, which mandates that students compete on sports teams that match the gender listed on their birth certificates “issued at or near the birth of the athlete”.

“Common sense tells us that men have an unfair physical advantage over women in athletic competition,” the governor said in a statement at the time.

LGBTQ advocates condemned Thursday’s ad.

“I’m sure Governor Noam will be talking more about this issue than her pandemic response,” said Gillian Branstetter, a longtime trans advocate and media manager for the National Women’s Law Center. “We have much bigger problems, for example, problems that exist! They would be good problems to solve as opposed to attempting to embody the imaginary ghosts of a changing society and exploit people’s ignorance.”

Major sporting organizations, including the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee, allow transgender and non-binary athletes to compete on teams that correspond to their gender identity under certain conditions. IOC updated your guidelines On transgender athletes in November, it removed policies that required competing trans athletes to have “medically unnecessary” procedures or treatments.

However, South Dakota and 29 other states banned trans athletes last year. human rights campaign, an advocacy group. Ten states have passed laws banning trans athletes, of which nine did so last year.

Since the start of the new year, state lawmakers in at least seven states have proposed law Which will limit the rights of transgender and non-binary youth. Many of those measures mirror Noem’s bill, prohibiting trans students from competing on school sports teams that align with their gender identity.

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