Schumer sets timeline for Senate by end of year


Washington — managing committee Military policy bill likely to be voted on this week as they await cost estimates on Build Back Better Legislation, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a new letter on Sunday, laying out an ambitious agenda ahead of the Senate’s return to Washington.

Schumer said the House insisted on considering the Build Back Better bill as it awaits broad scores from the Congressional Budget Office to appease House Moderates, with the Senate looking to consider the National Defense Authorization Act this week. possibility”. in the letter,

There are also procedural steps that need to happen before the BBB bill can be considered by the Senate, and there are still outstanding items in the Senate amid centrist holdouts. It considers the floor for the BBB until after Thanksgiving in the Senate.

The Senate, he said, could also add text of the bipartisan US Innovation and Competition Act — which, among several elements, addresses urgent supply chain issues to the NDAA, in hopes of accomplishing both.

“I’ve had several conversations with senators on both sides of the aisle and there appears to be fairly broad support for doing so, which would enable the completion of USICA negotiations with the House along with NDAA before the end of the year.” He has written.

Schumer has faced scrutiny from Republicans and prominent Democrats, such as House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith, for delays in moving the NDAA, the defense bill that the House passed in September. Congress has until the end of the year to send the measure to President Joe Biden’s table, and the Senate needs to pass legislation before a committee can be formed to address differences between the two houses.

The Democratic leader also said in the letter that the Senate needed to come to a final resolution on other key legislative priorities such as the Freedom to Vote Act and debt ceiling legislation with the potential to continue ratifying Biden’s judicial and executive nominations.