SCERT Bridge Course: English, Urdu medium schools grapple with incomplete material, missing modules

As the new academic year begins for schools across Maharashtra, the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has launched a specially designed bridge course to help children cope with learning losses from the previous academic year. has done. But apart from the schools offering Marathi-medium curriculum, all others are struggling to implement the courses due to incomplete material or missing modules.

Bridge courses have been introduced for classes 2 to 10 in subjects like language, mathematics, science and social science. This includes pre-tests that aim to assess where students stand on expected learning outcomes from the previous class, remedial coaching modules and another set of tests.

As per the schedule of these courses announced by SCERT, all schools were expected to conduct pre-tests in the first week of reopening. The study of the new syllabus will start only after the completion of the second set of examinations. “Schooling in Maharashtra is possible in eight different mediums. But when it comes to providing additional support, Marathi medium is always preferred,” said a senior teacher of an Urdu medium school in the city.

Out of the total five subjects covered under bridge course, only three have been uploaded by SCERT for Urdu medium schools – Urdu, Mathematics and Science. There is no material for the social sciences as well as for the second language. In Mathematics, there is no module available for classes 6, 7 and 8.

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For English medium schools, out of five subjects, bridge course content is made available for only four – English, Science, Mathematics and Social Science. There is no pre-test available in social science classes. “Pre-test is the first phase of the bridge course as only after that remedial coaching can start. In mathematics, there is no course material available for classes 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7,” said a teacher from an English medium school.

For Marathi medium course only, two languages ​​have been included – Marathi, a first language paper, and English, a second language paper. For English and Urdu medium courses, only first language modules are provided. There are no bridge course modules for schools offering other modes of instruction.

When contacted, SCERT Deputy Director Vikas Garad said, “The bridge course module will be made available in Marathi, Urdu and English as maximum number of schools are covered under these three mediums of instructions. We are working on a war footing to complete the remaining bridge course modules.