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JEDDAH: The three-day SOL music festival, which ended on Saturday, featured an eclectic lineup of local, regional and global DJs and artists, crowding Jeddah’s beachfront.

Held for the first time at Buhairat Beach, the event also included a fashion festival featuring contemporary clothing brands, art installations, crafts from local artisans and food trucks.

SOL is an exclusive community that aims to bring together local fans of music, fashion and the arts. Their goal is to shine a light on local artists and talent.

Managed by ENTX and EGO Talents, an event management company, SOL delivers pure ecstasy to the music lovers of Jeddah.

Ibtisam Al-Somali, CEO of ENTX, said: “We have created a festival that is a complete experience of art, fashion, food and performance, including acting shows on (the) ground and on stage.”


Held for the first time at Buhairat Beach, the event also included a fashion festival featuring contemporary clothing brands, art installations, crafts from local artisans and food trucks.

“We have collaborated with leading Jeddah-based Karaj and Neo Nomad Digital to find new artists and talent to create a rare experience for audiences,” said Al-Somali.

“Since this is the first edition, we are still learning their interests in the music market and new… talent. Creating an event with budding artists or those who are not A-list stars was not easy.”

Ibtisam Al-SomaliCEO of ENTX

Al-Somali said it was not easy trying to convince the industry that the country has a large number of talents to be tapped. They have partnered with music ventures including EGO Talent, HRMNY, Karaz, Neo Nomad Digital and Bridge Entertainment.

Fahad Al-Saud, CEO of Karaj and Co-Partner of SOL Jeddah, said: “Karaz is very excited to offer our consulting services to ENTX and the role we have played in advising and supporting them at this event. Local and As a team of international professionals, it is our mission to bring a sense of community and collaboration to the Kingdom and are honored to be part of this growing industry in the Kingdom.”

Nazar Tashkendi, Aerial Director and Producer at Glider Aerial Solutions, and a lead drone pilot handled all media production, including livestreaming and drone filming. “The event was very special as it brought together an all new generation of Saudi artists in one place to bring them to the world. It is a wonderful experience to be surrounded by talented people.”

Misha Syed, director of the festival’s media production team and the main driver behind photography and videography, said: “I enjoyed documenting SOL. The team worked very hard to set up a proper stage with a (crisp) sound system and visually pleasing lighting. This was special because the team was heavily invested in the cast they booked, especially the local heroes. It’s great to see local, talented artists getting the recognition they deserve.”

Several artists told Arab News that SOL helped them gain attention.

Saud Al-Turki, Saudi music producer, curator and owner of Bridge Entertainment, said: “There’s nothing like being able to use my music to perform at home and bring the right energy to my people; (it’s) a feeling Which is unmatched. Initiatives like SOL are a beautiful thing. Bringing artists from all over the world together is the essence of music and that is the real mission of Bridge Entertainment.

Jaime, born and based in Riyadh is another Saudi music producer, DJ, and founder of the KNZ record label and music laboratory. “It was wonderful to be a part of this new experience created by local brands and connecting with local and international artists. I personally believe that it is always exciting to connect and meet new and familiar faces on stage. We also got a chance to interact with the audience after the performance. This intimate experience of interacting with the crowd was incredible. ,

DJ Zee performed on a stage for the first time to a huge audience, and called the experience “magical”.

“Performing at a local gig is always exciting, let alone a festival that has a different approach when it comes to showcasing up-and-coming talent and artists.”