Saudi Arabia will lift ban on direct flights from Pakistan, says minister


Rawalpindi: Saudi Arabia has decided to allow direct flights from Pakistan from December 1 after the lifting of restrictions, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry announced on Thursday.

In a tweet, Mr Chaudhry said the Saudi directive would take effect from Wednesday.

According to media reports, Saudi authorities have decided to withdraw the ban on flights from six countries – Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil and Vietnam and passengers from these countries will no longer be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. Will be in a third country.

Saudi Arabia had issued a temporary ban on travelers from six countries who did not receive two doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the kingdom.

A directive issued by the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Civil Aviation to all airlines operating in the kingdom’s airports said: “Direct entry into the kingdom is permitted from the Republic of Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Socialist Republic of Indonesia.” Is. Vietnam, the Arab Republic of Egypt, (and) India, without the need to stay outside these countries for 14 days before entering the state.

“Institutional quarantine procedures should be in place for a period of 05 days, with continued application of exceptions issued in respect of certain groups in this regard, regardless of the immunization status of travelers outside the State…”

A PIA spokesperson said anyone wishing to travel to the state should approach the airline for a ticket.

Published in Dawn, November 26, 2021