Sangeeta Ghosh introduces her seven-month-old daughter Devi to the world, see photos

television actor Sangeeta Ghosh On Saturday, she introduced her baby girl to the world on Instagram. The Swarna Ghar actor shared pictures of his seven-month-old daughter Devi Rathore, as she kickstarted her social media journey. “Der I durst aai. A calling I couldn’t resist. In order to personally become the mother of Goddess Rathore and professionally finally make it into “gram”, let’s begin. lots of love. Sangeeta Ghosh (The Real One),” she captioned the post.

Considering that not many knew that the actor was blessed with a baby boy, his fans were in for a surprise. However, she couldn’t have too many lovely pictures shared by her, and poured in heartfelt wishes on the post. “Welcome to the sweetest Goddess,” wrote one fan, while another added, “Congratulations Bhabhi Sa, blessings to the Goddess.” His co-stars Ajay Chowdhary and Rohit Chowdhary also welcomed him on social media and sent love for the little one.

Sangeeta Ghosh’s husband Raja Shailendra Singh, who is a polo player and an entrepreneur also shared some candid pictures of the family. He wrote along with the pictures, “Offering #DEVIRathore please bless her Karni ma @thesangitaghosh.”

While talking to the media, Sangeeta Ghosh shared that she did not intend to hide the news of her child’s birth but she was waiting for the right time. She also told Bombay Times that Devi was a premature baby born on December 25 last year, and had to stay in the NICU due to some medical complications. The actor said it is a “worrisome time” for the parents and the family.

As Sangeeta had to go to work soon after giving birth to the child, she explained how her husband’s support made it easier for her. “I was in two minds about taking up the show, but my husband supported me and told me he was there for the baby. That kind of support and trust was overwhelming,” she said. The actor shared that his The daughter keeps visiting him in Chandigarh, where she is shooting, to spend quality time together. “My little baby girl has me wrapped around her little finger,” she quipped.