Rishi Sunak: Starmer accused of trying to ‘out-Brexit the Tories’ at PMQ

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Mr keir starmer Ian Blackford has been accused of “desperately trying to force the Tories out of Brexit” during today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions.

Maintaining Britain’s withdrawal from the EU as his line of attack, the SNP Commons leader dubbed the 2016 referendum as the “elephant in the room” that neither the Tories nor Labor were prepared to face Huh.

Mr Sunak and Sir Keir appear before the Commons today as the PM looks set to make a U-turn on his pledge to ban on-shore wind farms.

Prime Minister Former cabinet minister Simon Clarke has faced growing rebellion from within the Tory party over his plans to scrap an amendment to the Leveling Up Bill, which would allow wind farms in rural areas where there is local consent.

It comes as postal workers, university lecturers and sixth form college workers have started a new wave of momentum attack Today when the year of industrial unrest is snowing in the winter months.


Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer hit out at the PM’s old private school, asking why it gets “taxpayer money”.

“Winchester College has a rowing club, a rifle club, an extensive art collection, they charge over £45,000 a year. Why did they give them almost £6 million of taxpayers’ money this year, which their Leveling Up Secretary ( Michael Gove) has called egregious state support?

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “I’m glad he wants to talk about schools, because we recently announced billions more funding for our schools.

“We are helping lakhs of the most underprivileged children get the education they have been missing. And we’re raising the standards of the school.

“During Covid, he wanted to keep the schools closed. We shouldn’t be surprised because I listen to the parents and he listens to his union paymasters.


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The SNP’s Ian Blackford says, “Brexit is now the elephant in the room that neither the Tories nor Labor are prepared to face.”

The SNP Commons leader later accused Sir Keir Starmer of “desperately trying to force the Tories out of Brexit”.

Ian Blackford accuses Keir Starmer of ‘trying hard to – Brexit the Tories’. mp4

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Watch: Rishi Sunak claims Keir Starr listens only to his ‘union paymasters’

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Sir Keir Starmer declined to say whether Labor MPs would join the strike pickets.

“He tells his party what they want to hear,” says sage Sunak.

“It is tomorrow’s politics with him or the country’s future with me.”

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Rishi Sunak has accused Labor of “outraging” over its policy to end tax breaks for private schools.

The Labor leader has said he plans to use the tax revenue to fund a schools’ catch-up program.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak enters the Commons Room for Prime Minister’s Questions.

The PM is set to clash with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer today as he prepares to make a U-turn on his pledge to ban on-shore wind farms.

Mr Sunak has faced growing rebellion from within the Tory party over former cabinet minister Simon Clarke’s plan to amend the Leveling Up Bill, which would allow wind farms in rural areas where there is local consent.

Former prime ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss are among the backbenchers opposing Mr Sunak’s potential row.

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In pictures: Royal Mail services halted as postal workers strike across the country





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Royal Mail workers strike outside the Royal Mail office in north London

Mark Dolan, the London divisional representative for the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU), is among postal workers on strike outside the Royal Mail Islington delivery office in north London.

He told the PA news agency: “This is the 11th day of our strike action and the action we are taking today is to protect this great British institution, the 500 years of service we give to the public, and our is about destroying terms and conditions.” conditions.

“The company, post Covid, grew to over £700 million and they left that money behind to our membership who laid their lives on the line connecting the country during Covid, distributing test kits and giving us key services during Covid Honored as an activist.


“And yet, 18 months later, the company has announced that they have not received any money, have given most of the profits to the shareholders and those who sit on the board of Royal Mail.

“And they have now told the workforce they can only afford to pay a 2 per cent pay rise in the crunch of a cost of living with double-digit inflation – but even more severely they taxed the service we provide They’ve announced 10,000 job cuts, they also announced compulsory redundancies yesterday, the real threat of attacks on our terms and conditions is unacceptable.

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WATCH: Royal Mail boss claims striking staff trying to ‘ruin Christmas’

Royal Mail boss claims striking workers trying to ‘ruin Christmas’

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Health chief says NHS would ‘welcome’ army’s help to boost service during attacks

emergency assistance from army to support NHS during winter attack A healthcare leader has said it would be “incredibly welcome”.

Health and defense officials are preparing contingency plans as ambulance drivers have agreed to get involved nurses on the picket lines in the coming weeks.

Saffron Cowdery, interim chief executive of NHS Providers, said it would be an “incredibly testing time” for the health service due to industrial action.

our political correspondent Adam Forrest Report:

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