Read the text Phillip Schofield sent Holly Willoughby after admitting to affair

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Phillip Schofield shared a message sent to a former co-star Holly Willoughby Afterwards admitting to lying about a relationship with a little today morning Colleague.

infamous former host of ITV The daytime series reflected on his friendship with Willoughby after his departure. Following reports of a feud between the presenting pair,

a week later, Schofield shared a statement in which he said he had lied about an “unwise but not illegal” relationship with a colleague. He was subsequently dropped by his agent and also resigned from ITV, whose bosses said they were “deeply disappointed” by the presenter.

In a new interview with the BBC’s Amol Rajan, Scofield said she texted Willoughby about the scandal and apologized for lying to her about the affair.

“The last time we had a conversation was when I texted Holly and said, ‘Don’t reply’ – this was after last week’s statement – ‘Don’t reply, you’re probably not allowed to, but I’m deeply Sorry I lied to you,'” he said.

he also told Sun The affair was “a secret in our sanctuary that was never mentioned”, adding that he had “lost my best friend”.

On Saturday (May 28), a day after Scofield’s statement, Willoughby wrote on Instagram He added that “yesterday’s news took time to process”, and added: “When news of this relationship first came out, I asked Phil straight away if it was true and I was told it was not true. So sad to learn now that it was a lie.

Addressing rumors that Willoughby knew about the affairScofield said: “Holly didn’t know. And she was one of the first messages I sent to say, ‘I’m so sorry I lied to you'”.

“She didn’t respond and I understand why she didn’t. So. If anyone is linking Holi to this in any way; that’s absolutely, completely untrue.”

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He also used the occasion to refute any claims of a feud with Willoughby.

Phillip Schofield says he ‘lost’ his ‘best friend’ Holly Willoughby because of the scandal

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“I had no quarrel with Holi. She is my TV sister. But of course, when I’m in the middle of an as*** show with bad press over something where I’ve done nothing wrong – in fact, I’ve done everything right – it’s a witch hunt. And he turns her away.

“Absolutely, she’s taking a step back and thinking, ‘I have to step back from this’, and I totally understand that.”

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