Rana Sanaullah stops police from raiding Bani Gala, arresting Shahbaz Gill’s driver

Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah addressing a press conference in Islamabad. — PID/File

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah  Friday called the inspector-general (IG) of Islamabad Police and directed him to not raid Bani Gala to arrest PTI senior leader Shahbaz Gill’s driver.

Party chairperson Imran Khan’s aide Gill was taken into custody for inciting the public against state institutions, a spokesperson of the Islamabad police said on August 9.

According to the sources, Sanaullah contacted IG Dr Akbar Nasir, seeking details of Gill’s case. 

The interior minister prevented the IG from arresting the PTI leader’s driver, per the sources. He also expressed his displeasure over the arrest of the driver’s wife.

On Thursday, the police took the wife of Gill’s driver in custody after they raided the latter’s residence to recover the PTI leader’s mobile phone for investigation in the sedition case being pursued against him.

IG Nasir said that the driver is in Bani Gala and a raid needs to be carried out to arrest him. To this, Sanaullah said that the residents of Bani Gala should be taken into confidence regarding the driver.

The PML-N leader directed the inspector-general in case of any non-cooperation, adding that permission should be taken before the raid.

“The sanctity of the house should be taken into account during the raid, and the law should be strictly followed while arresting the driver and collecting the evidence,” he added.

Discouraging the arrest of women, Sanaullah said that this does not meet the party’s policy and shouldn’t be encouraged.