Queensland reports two new Covid cases in the community

Unvaccinated teenager, 17, and young Melbourne woman tested positive for Covid-19 in Queensland – as Anastasia Palaszczuk warned that just one case could lead to a ‘massive outbreak’.

  • Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk announced two new cases in the state parliament
  • 17-year-old unrelated and a woman in her 30s are new cases
  • Teen presented to emergency department with headache
  • A truck driver who tested positive in NSW was also in Bundaberg

queensland There are two new cases of community-acquired Covid infection, Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk announced in the state parliament.

One case is of a 17-year-old man who has not been vaccinated Ghana who has close contact with a person NSW

The second case is of a 30-year-old woman. Melbourne Who is currently in home quarantine.

Exposure sites in Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast were also issued by Queensland Health after a truck driver in NSW tested positive. It is considered a NSW case.

Ms Palaszczuk said the Melbourne woman was considered low-risk because she was in quarantine.

She warned that a single case from Delta could lead to a ‘mass outbreak’ in the state.

He told Parliament: “Due to the time taken between doses, Queenslanders have only five days to take the first dose so that they can be fully vaccinated in time for Christmas, when families can once again visit their loved ones.” to meet with.”

Ms Palaszczuk said the 17-year-old had presented with a headache to the emergency department and was a close contact of someone traveling from NSW.

“It is being investigated how the man reached Queensland,” the premier said.

There is no suggestion that the new Gold Coast case is about Uber drivers Duran Raman, who tested positive last week after traveling to Sydney and Melbourne and remained in isolation at Gold Coast University Hospital.

The Gold Coast region was on alert since Mr Raman’s case was discovered, but apart from the teenager’s infection announced today, no other cases have been reported in the region so far.

The police were called to Gold Coast University Hospital on Sunday after 36-year-old Raman allegedly tried to walk out of the hospital despite needing a constant supply of oxygen.

Sources alleged that Raman was an uncooperative patient who verbally abused the nurses and called them c**t.

He reportedly insisted that he did not ‘really’ have Covid-19 and claimed the virus was not real.

Queensland has two new cases of community-acquired Covid infection, Premier Annastasia Palaszuk announced in the state parliament

New Queensland Exposure Site

Fresh Fields Foodworks Thabeban, 2/1A Thabeban St, Bundaberg Central, 4pm-4.45pm Saturday – Saturday, October 23 (low-risk contact)

Kabulchar South Travel Center (truck stop area men’s toilet), Glass House Mountain – Saturday, October 23 (close contact)

Ms Palaszczuk said 75.22 percent of Queenslanders have now received a single dose of a Covid vaccine, while 60.7 percent of the population aged 16 and over have now been fully vaccinated.

Queensland’s vaccination rate is lagging behind other parts of Australia and the state government is attempting to increase the rate to 70 percent of the population with two doses of a Covid vaccine by 19 November, when the state begins a phased reopening .

“On 19 November anyone from an interstate hotspot would be able to travel into Queensland provided they arrived by air, were fully vaccinated and produced a negative Covid test,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

People arriving on or after that date will have to complete 14 days home quarantine.

‘Make no mistake, Covid is coming,’ she said.

People queue to receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a Bunnings hardware store in Brisbane, Queensland

People queue to receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a Bunnings hardware store in Brisbane, Queensland

Premiere said pop-up clinics at some of Queensland’s major theme parks, including Dreamworld, SeaWorld and Australia Zoo, will be open later this week.

From 17 December, visitors from the declared hotspots will be able to visit Queensland by road or air, provided they have been fully immunized and produce a negative Covid test 72 hours prior to entry. No quarantine will be required.

There will be no restriction on entry for non-hotspot visitors after that date.