Quebecer Emile Antoine Roy Sirois, code-named ‘Beaver,’ dies on the front lines in Ukraine |

mile Antoine Roy-Sirois, a 31-year-old Quebecer who died recently Ukraine fighting Russian armyVolunteered on the front lines because he wanted to protect innocent women and children, according to a soldier who fought alongside him.

Roy-Sirois was “an intellectual who cared about humanity,” said Blackhawk, a fighter who, for security reasons, would only use a code name in an interview on Instagram on Monday.

“He was kind and never meant to harm anyone. He heard the order and was brave. ,

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Blackhawk, from Idaho, said Roy-Sirois died on July 18 after fighting for four months in Ukraine. “He died a hero next to his friends trying to transport a wounded American named Luke, code-named Skywalker.”

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The Canadian Congress of Ukraine issued a statement on Monday saying it was saddened to learn of the passing of Roy-Sirois.

“Mr. Roy-Sirois will be remembered by the people of Ukraine and our community for his selflessness and commitment to the values ​​of freedom and justice that Canada and Ukraine share,” the organization said.

The leader of the team of fighters from Roy-Sirois in Ukraine said that Quebeker and three other volunteers were killed by a Russian tank shell near Seversk in the eastern part of the country. Engel – who will not even use his real name for security reasons – said he feels lucky to have Roy-Sirois as “a brother in battle”.

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“We were the only two Canadians who made it to the front lines and stayed,” Engel, who is from Saskatchewan, said in an interview on Facebook Messenger on Monday. “He had the option to leave the front line but stayed. Anyone would be proud of his bravery, and I was lucky enough to have him.”

Both Engel and Blackhawk described Roy-Sirois as an easygoing, funny man, codenamed “Beaver”.

“He said there were a lot of beavers in Canada,” Blackhawk said.

Global Affairs Canada said in a statement that it was aware of the death of a Canadian in Ukraine but did not provide details.

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